Telephones are still an essential part of business life. Helpdesq provides a number of solutions: for small businesses and startups we have our “Simplified” package, a phone including 4000 minutes of calls and big features such as voice recording, voicemail, redirection etc for a low fixed monthly fee. But this model would not suit larger business who might need lots of telephones, most of which rarely get used.

HPBX is your own completely flexible hosted telephone system which runs in our secure UK data centres and suits systems of 7 to 1000 handsets. It can even use your “Legacy” VoIP phones so you don’t necessarily need to buy new equipment and can be tailored to suit your precise needs.

Add to that our telephone number hosting service and you have one of the most flexible and powerful systems available. For example we can provision you a new telephone number for you almost instantly, free site to site calls, an office phone at home or on an app so you can be in while you are out.



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