Backup & DR Solutions

Keep it in at least 3 places! When a crypto virus encrypts your files, it often encrypts your backup too. It is therefore so important to have copies of your data onsite and offsite, online and offline. The biggest cause of data loss, in our experience, however is “fat fingers”. Suddenly you realise you deleted a file a week ago and now you need it. Copying your entire data store offsite is great but how long does it take to copy it all back over a slow internet connection? How would your business cope if you had no electricity? For these reasons every situation is different, we hold ISO27001 accreditation which means we have assessed the risk of every process and made plans to mitigate against such problems. We laughed when we planned against “Earthquakes” only to find one year later that Newdigate where our office is was the epicentre of several quakes.


Great support and very knowledgeable about IT issues Alison Standish