IT security is very boring we know, yet please read these three important points.

There are a few simple (and often free) things we can all do to reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of cybercrime, which can often have devastating large financial consequences.

1. Switch on Two factor authentication wherever you can.

  • I know it’s a pain but if someone does manage to get your password, because it is leaked or just by chance) it won’t be any use to them as you will get the alert to let them in or not
  • Microsoft Authenticator is free ( as is 2FA on Office 365)
  • We offer “Duo” 2FA which is really easy to use and pops up a tick or a cross on your mobile phone and works with remote logins, most accounts packages etc

2. Have a unique password for each of your accounts, do not duplicate

  • Its easy when you create a new login to use a word you know but billions of email/password combinations are already out there, probably some of yours
  • Use to check each of your email addresses to see if Linked In, Facebook or any others have leaked your password
  • Use a password manager (such as LastPass) or even a passworded Excel sheet but keep your passwords unique
  • Consider a method for generating passwords e.g. We1rdW0rdAm@z for Amazon or use three words

3. Talk to your IT provider this week and make changes

  • Ask for ideas – many are free
  • Ask for a security review
  • Consider Cyber Essentials for your business or some Information Security training for your staff
  • Your security is only as good as your weakest link which is usually a human being

We regularly check all our “managed” clients’ cyber security status, but if you have “pay as you go” support, please make it your responsibility to check you have the right level of protection.

Please contact us if you have any questions – happy to help.