It’s boring isn’t it but a few simple changes can increase your protection from the ever-growing threat of cyber crime.

Over 90% of crimes start with a Phishing attack, Helpdesq has a full toolbox to deal with this ranging from Phishing tests and staff training through to AI (artificial intelligence) software that can read through your inbox and pick up potential fraud, just from the language.

We are proud to partner with Barracuda, Fortinet and Usecure but having a locked down router and a robust password policy is just as important. Our “Managed Workplace” software allows us to measure your “Security Score” across your company.

Things like the strength of passwords in use, whether all your programs are up to date and we can enforce minimum strength and complexity as well as provide ideas for generating and maintaining strong and unique passwords. We also have our own branded, easy to use, 2 Factor authentication app called Duo – ask for a demo!



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