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Friendly and Helpful
We can answer your questions over the phone or use special software to come onto your PC but, unlike many other support companies, we are also happy to jump in a car and be there in person.
Unbiased Advice
Nearly all technical information is written by marketing teams. The claims might be true but Helpdesq is a knowledgeable friend to help you sift the salient points from the jargon and balance the gloss with earthy reality.
No Contracts
Rather than a fixed monthly fee that is biased towards the supplier, we only charge for what we do. We can offer payment plans and finance but you only ever pay for what you actually use.
In a pickle ?
Short calls are free so you can get a quick opinion and work out a plan of action or get an idea of cost. Call 01306 400 500 or fill in the quick contact form.
Equipment - we sell stuff too!
If you are looking for a laptop, mobile, server, printer or even airtime we can supply almost anything through our trade channels. We are approved partners of many of the big names like Microsoft, Cisco, EE and Xerox. This means better technical support and keener prices. We even build our own PCs and Servers ensuring quick delivery, high quality and excellent value.
Automated Monitoring
After office hours our automatic systems take over and can monitor your computers day and night as well as backing your valuable data to "Cloud" storage.
Our approach
Not all our customers are THIS happy but we try to tell it as it is and in plain English (or with helpful analogies). A sense of humour sometimes helps too!
New Startup ?
Let us help you avoid expensive mistakes and set a strategy for growth within your means.